What is e-Filing?

e-Filing or electronic filing is the process of filing of all documents (including Income Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns, Legal, Company Affairs etc.), through the Internet.

e-Filing helps reduce courier and copying costs, use of paper, and staff time."

Types of e-Filing?

There are Two ways of filing your returns electronically
  • Filing with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC Class II)

    • In this case no further action is required

    • No paper return has to be filed

  • Filing without Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

    • On successful uploading of e-Return, the ITR-V form would be generated which needs to be printed by the tax payer. The Tax payer has to fill-up the verification part and verify the same. The same should be submitted with the local Income Tax Office within 15 days of filing electronically. (ITR-V is an acknowledgement cum verification form)

    • File through an e-return intermediary who would do e-Filing and also assist the assessee file the ITR-V form.

e-Filing Process

Your family wants to go on a holiday in the month of July when you have to file your returns?

Yes! now its possible with e-Filing. File your Returns from anywhere. Obtain your Class II Digital Signature NOW!

All Companies registered with RoC, are required to obtain a Digital Signature from the certifying authorities for e-Filing of all documents, which are required to be submitted to the RoC (Annual Audited Accounts). It is mandatory for Companies and Firms requiring statutory audit u/s 44AB to submit the Income Tax returns electronically. Any Company/Firm requiring statutory audit u/s 44AB return submitted without e-Filing receipt will not be accepted.